Rosmar Consulting

Rosmar consulting services are based on methodologies developed and improved over the years by our specialists. Certified by ISO 9001: 2015 guarantees results in any Industry.
Our consulting process is centered on detecting the needs of our clients through a comprehensive diagnosis of their company. Our approach is the most in-depth study on the health industry.

1. Know the customer's needs
2. Diagnosis and Analysis
3. Solution Design
4. Implementation and Monitoring

Consulting Services

This diagnosis, evaluation, and analysis by our specialists allow us to properly design:

  • Goals
  • Solutions
  • KPI’S
  • Work plan

We generate results for the following needs:

  1. Control of Microbial Contingencies
  2. Preparation for audits of clients, organizations, or governments and compliance with national or international standards
  3. Research and Development of new solutions
  4. Process Reengineering and Development of Sanitation Systems
  5. Optimization of sanitary processes, among others.

Types of Consulting

1. Fixed monthly compensation scheme. Monthly fee, subject to a minimum contract of 30 months.

2. Pay-as-you-go. Monthly billing of products and services as you go. Subject to a minimum contract of 30 months.

What’s included?

A. Specialized Consulting

1. Implementation stage

We aim to meet the contractual agreements quickly and begin the reengineering process in 3 stages:

I. Corrective Stage

ii. Stability Stage

iii. Verification Stage

2. Follow-up

Supervise the proper continuation of the consulting stage and guarantee long-term results. Scheduled follow-ups to verify the appropriate execution of the procedures and generate new opportunities for improvement.

B. Product technology

Our technologically advanced chemicals are necessary to achieve agreed results. The written Master Sanitizing Program crafted during the initial stages aims to guarantee customer satisfaction

C. Loan of specialized & ad hoc equipment  

The engineering and support equipment on loan and its maintenance to obtain the results promised in the contract.

Main advantages

  1. Meet written and contractual return on investment (ROI) 
  2. Guarantee results of key performance indicators

Steps to follow:

  1. Proposal approval
  2. Review diagnostic results and proposed improvements 
  3. Authorize the improvements 
  4. Initiate deployment

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