About us

In GRUPO ROSMAR, we have more than 40 years of experience generating value-added products and services for the entire supply chain of Agri Food and Beverage manufacturing industries. The outcome of a well-thought-out range of consulting products and services.

  • Rosmar is at the forefront of management systems and strategic planning to achieve sustainability and growth over time. We are proud to have performed for more than five consecutive years in the listing Súper Empresas from Expansión Magazine, the leader in business content for Latin America.

Mission Statement​

Offer business solutions to generate value-added to customers, collaborators and partners.

Our Vision

Be a worldwide leading company specialized in proposing and innovating solutions to improve quality, health, safety, and organic production in the Agri Food Value Chain, supported by a state-of-the-art human and technological working capital.

Innovation the core of our Business Solutions

Ten years ago, Rosmar created the Centro de Investigación Rosmar or CIR to develop products and services for a highly competitive global environment. CIR’s academic and scientific team has developed solutions linked to independent Universities and Research Centers:

  • More than seven international patents.
  • More than 100 industry solutions.
  • Continuing research on current industry challenges.
  • More than 5% of our annual sales are reinvested in R&D to continue meeting new challenges in the industry.


The Rosmar Way (our culture)

Our competitive work culture focuses on the professional development of a talented, highly skilled, and knowledgeable team.


"Be the best in everything you do"
Results for our clients are based and courage and commitment.


"Making things happen"
Self-sustaining improvement will only be achieved through the continuous challenge of the status quo.


"Recognize and learn from mistakes"
Failure and mistakes are part of the learning process. Our team must iterate towards success and adapt to market conditions.


"Use resources efficiently"
More is less; unlimited budgets do not necessarily build success. At Rosmar we use resources efficiently, money, and the way we use natural resources to develop our products. Efficiency is a way of thinking.


"Fulfillment of established commitments"
Delivering on time is much more than a catchphrase. We must always be respectful of our or teammates' time and our cients' deadlines.


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