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Our specialized healthcare solutions are designed to decisively impact your company’s productivity, since they focus on controlling any presence of microbiological contamination that puts the end consumer at risk or negatively affects shelf life, as well as optimizing costs by improving waste and non-quality costs.

The main objective of all our healthcare business solutions is to generate significant value for your company through 4 specific pillars:

Rosmar Incremental Value Formula

One of our main differentiators as a company for obtaining results lies in our team of consultants specializing sanitation solutions. These experts, together with our knowledge of years embodied in our Rosmar Operating System (ROS) and our ISO 9001: 2015 certification, allow us to always be looking for business benefits through sanitation experts, using all of our technological capital.

The advantage of working with health experts is that we anticipate suggesting disinfection solutions to recurring hygiene problems, in order to avoid future contingencies. Remember that a problem detected and controlled in time will avoid costly contingencies for the company. In short, our healthcare consulting service translates into productivity, savings and greater profitability for your business, that is why we represent the best cost-benefit.

Business sanitation solutions

In the production of food and medicine, each sector has specific health problems and needs. For this reason, our researchers have developed specialized lines of solutions to meet each of these needs. It is important to mention that these lines have been designed to meet all the requirements and standards necessary to be used within the entire chain of the agri-food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, whose constant innovation allows them to adapt to the growth of their business.

To meet the different needs of our clients, we have developed different healthcare business solutions focused on adding value in different ways; each one varies according to the type of problem that needs to be solved and the scope that is sought, to the degree of involvement and commitment to the results to which we offer:

Rosmar Service Line Up


Rosmar Consulting


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Main Industries

Through the years we have sought to specialize our business solutions according to the needs and requirements of each sector, that is why we have developed specific solutions for each type of industry, among them are:

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