How Long Do Disinfecting Wipes Last?

Remember when the Covid 19 was reported first in your country? Did you also panic-buy cleaning products as most people did? If you did, you probably still have some disinfecting wipes lying around. Are you wondering if using them now will effectively disinfect your home? Keep reading and see why you are right to be […]

How to use disinfecting wipes while traveling

With the travel bans recently uplifted, you are thrilled to start your next vacation. But you are also worried about the health risks involved and what you can do to minimize or avoid them altogether.

How to effectively Clean in the face of the  Novel Coronavirus

In December 2019, the Novel Coronavirus arrived, and for a while, the world stood in limbo. Everything had to take a pause, from schools to jobs, to businesses, to travel. Life as we knew it had changed. The Covid 19 disease caused by the virus came and changed every aspect of our lives, from interacting […]