COLUMBUS, OHIO - MAY 27,2018: Columbus city is capital of Ohio state and second largest metropolitan in Ohio state.

Food Safety Hazards Conferences in Ohio

The Food Safety Tech and CFI Think Tank Hazards Conference Series is scheduled for April 3-5 in Columbus, Ohio, and will feature experts from industry and academia offering guidance, practice, and cutting-edge research on the detection, mitigation, control, and regulation of Salmonella, Listeria, and Mycotoxins.

At the CFI Food Safety Think Tank on April 5, experts will further analyze the hazards in food discussed throughout the conference days. Attendee participation will aid in the development of research, innovations, policies, and prevention measures that must be taken to make food safer in the future.

The conference program will feature keynote speakers from leading U.S. food safety departments, including the Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA; Marler Clark LLC’s food safety department, Tyson Foods, The Cheesecake Factory Inc., and Rochester Midland Corp, among others. 

Attendees can participate in the conference in person, virtually, and by combining both options. Registration is now open at the following link:

News Desk. (March 16, 2023). Food Safety Hazards Conference Series set for April in Columbus, Ohio. Food Safety News.

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