Chickens Birds in Wire Cage at Poultry Farm

AH5N1 Virus Detected in Aguascalientes, Mexico

The National Agrifood Health, Safety, and Quality Service (Senasica) reported the presence of the AH5N1 avian influenza virus in three broiler chicken farms in two municipalities in Aguascalientes.

As a result, the General Directorate of Animal Health (DGSA) placed the three farms involved, with more than 826,000 birds, and the State of Aguascalientes under mandatory quarantine.

The authorities also initiated an epidemiological investigation in the family and commercial farms within a 10-kilometer radius of the affected farms. The corresponding sanitary measures were applied, including depopulation, cleaning, disinfection, and sanitary vacuum.

This outbreak represents a significant concern in these times when due to the Avian Influenza outbreaks detected in North America, the aim is to protect chicken meat and egg production.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development urged producers to strictly comply with biosecurity measures, including the entrance of outsiders to the farm, disinfection of personnel before entering the area, and changing work clothes.

Q. (March 5, 2023). Gripe aviar en Aguascalientes: Detectan el virus AH5N1 en tres granjas. El Financiero.

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