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No end in sight for Bird Flu

The current Bird Flu outbreak has cost the U.S. government $661 million after the slaughter of more than 58 million birds to prevent the spread of the virus.

The above has led to an increase in egg, chicken, and turkey prices, causing economic losses to farmers and consumers who are finding it increasingly difficult to access these foods due to the cost.

With the spring migratory season just around the corner, the Bird Flu outbreak seems to have no end in sight. Unlike the outbreaks in previous years, the virus has managed to survive and cause an increase in reported cases and, therefore, also in culled birds that represent significant economic losses in the industry.

Prices of eggs and chicken breasts have skyrocketed compared to the previous year, and apparently, they will not decrease shortly.

Bird Flu spreads quickly among wild birds through their droppings and secretions, and there is little farmers can do about it other than the measures they have already taken on their farms.

On-farm biosecurity has become mandatory, and farmers have taken steps to have their workers disinfect every surface and tool used inside the barn.

Although Bird Flu does not represent a serious threat to human health, new ways to keep birds healthy are very much needed.

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