Man feeding hens from hand in the farm. Free-grazing domestic hen on a traditional free range poultry organic farm. Adult chicken walking on the soil.

731 thousand birds are slaughtered in Durango due to risk of bird flu

It is estimated that the bird flu outbreak affected at least four poultry farms, within a radius close to the state of Coahuila.

In recent days, an outbreak of avian flu was reported within some poultry farms within regions of the state of Durango and Coahuila, where it is estimated that a little more than 731,000 birds have had to be sacrificed, which tested positive for AH7N3 virus, reported José Aispuro Torres, governor of the state of Durango, who added that controlling the growing outbreak has become a priority.

José Aispuro Torres, referred to the negative impact that the slaughter of birds will bring, since it has become known that the virus has attacked at least four farms in recent days, this within the municipalities surrounding the state of Coahuila, which meant significant losses for the sector.

“For the economy of Laguna, for the health of citizens, this issue is of the utmost importance, we are working in coordination with the National Service for Agrifood Health, Safety and Quality (Senasica) and 10 poultry farms affected by the disease, four correspond to the Durango side,” reported Aispuro Torres.

It should be noted that within the Duranguense territory, there are at least 270 poultry farms, which are being valued and certified, to rule out the risk of contagion, an action that the government has taken to overcome the care and protection of the health of the population and economy of the region.

Similarly, Rogelio Soto Ochoa, president of the Regional Livestock Union of Durango (UGRD), addressed the population assuring that there is no risk in consuming chicken, since they have begun to take extreme measures and health vigilance.

On the other hand, Roberto Bernal, pointed out that with regard to the state of Coahuila, there are just over 370 poultry farms, of which until recently, 242 had been reviewed, where no significant outbreaks of the AH7N3 virus were found, both in wings birds as in the staff that handles them.

“SAGARPA insists that this virus does not affect humans, but we prefer to review more than a thousand employees and one of them turned out to have normal influenza, all the others negative.”

It is worth mentioning that representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development indicated that there is no risk of contagion to humans; however, constant surveillance has been maintained on both the staff and the inhabitants surrounding the poultry farms. As Bernal Gomez, indicated that until recent days the state of Coahuila is free of an epidemic of influenza in humans.

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