R-Nattura: Fruit, vegetable and legume industry

Buyers worldwide are demanding agricultural products that comply with certifications and guarantee products’ safety. As a result, competition worldwide for farming products increases, and safety today is a great differentiator in the markets.

For this reason, we have developed R-Nattura that includes a series of business solutions that range from the field and collection, through packaging and subsequent processes, on their way to the final consumer. R-Nattura solutions support producers on their way to certifications and exports, fulfilling everything your industry needs, from organic production, greenhouses, or whatever else you operate. Our business solutions at R-Nattura focus on generating value by supporting it for international markets.

R-Nattura covers the following areas within this industry:

R-Nattura AGRO >> Field and harvest

From sowing to harvest, with R-Nattura we have designed sanitation business solutions that add value to your production from the field or greenhouse. Disease control for your crop is vital for your business, so our business solutions are focused on collaborating with your company on the way to achieving this end. Likewise, depending on whether your product has subsequent processes or is packed in the field, our sanitation systems are focused on obtaining the most significant possible safety during these production processes to reduce the risk of a microbial contingency.

R-Nattura Facilities >> Packaging

To wash and sanitize fruits, vegetables, legumes, and other agricultural products, R-Nattura has designed a series of business solutions in sanitation that help you to comply with the most demanding international standards. Ensuring the safety condition and complying with organic schemes in your product is our priority with our sanitation solutions. Additionally, our added value focuses on extending the shelf life of your food and maintaining its quality and appearance, using organic, biotechnology, and nanotechnology processes.

R-Natura >> Freezers and Fully Cooked

R-Nattura from Rosmar designed a series of business solutions in sanitation that focus on keeping the areas where processed and frozen fruits, vegetables and legumes are processed as innocuous as possible to become either pre-cooked. This process plays an essential role in consumers’ sanitation and, therefore, in the brand’s positioning. R-Nattura facilities contemplate meeting this type of need by covering sanitation in cutting areas, IQF’s or Rafagas for processing.

The different R-Nattura solutions are focused on meeting the following needs:

R-Nattura Agro

  • Cleaning and sanitation processes for irrigation systems
  • Measures to prevent diseases in crops
  • Measures to avoid cross-contamination and to sanitary laundry
  • Processes for water treatment


R-Nattura Facilities

  • Washing and sanitation processes for water recirculation or CIP
  • Cleaning and sanitation processes for direct or foaming application
  • Procedures for dry cleaning and sanitation
  • Sanitation processes for cleaning baskets, containers, or bins
  • Washing and disinfection sanitation processes of fruits, vegetables, and legumes
  • Treatments to extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and legumes
  • Reverse osmosis sanitation processes
  • Operational cleaning processes
  • Measures to prevent cross-contamination and sanitary laundry
  • Passivation processes

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