R-Liquick: Beverage Industry

R-Liquick has developed a series of products, systems, and services that focus on the practical solution and control of fungi and yeasts, which can considerably modify the taste and appearance of beverages. Unfortunately, lack of control of fungi and yeasts translates into consumer complaints that generate market disadvantages.

In addition, R-Liquick is centered on carrying out hygienic practices so that dirt & grime, resulting from sugars and flavorings, are quickly eliminated, optimizing cleaning processes and shortening times. Inconsequence improving production capacity.

Likewise, given that each of the segments that belong to the beverage industry has different needs in hygiene and sanitation, R-Liquick has catered to the following areas:

Purified water beverages

Solutions that add value significantly to the natural or flavored water industry, from the sanitation of water treatment equipment, cleaning of reverse osmosis filters, cleaning of closed circuits, to the sanitation of containers, all this in your way to the final consumer. Sanitation in this industry plays an essential role since preservatives cannot be used, and the water has a neutral pH that facilitates the growth of microorganisms without robust sanitation systems.

Yeasts and beers

Created to increase the productivity of the industry by optimizing sanitation processes. The correct use of R-Liquick solutions and the efficiency-focused sanitation systems generate benefits by increasing production capacity reducing cleaning times and costs without neglecting compliance with the food safety highest standards. R-Liquick's business solutions contemplate every one of the needs of this industry, from water treatment, through CIPs, pasteurizers, and filling lines to cleaning containers and barrels, among others.

Wines and spirits

Our R-Liquick specialized solutions remove grime buildup in machinery such as alembics, fermenters, storage tanks, etc. Much effort has gone into offering business solutions that increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, and achieve the percentages of alcohol in the final product. In addition, today, this industry increasingly needs to comply with more certifications, and our business solutions will collaborate for this.

Juices and Nectars

Business solutions focused on meeting the needs of this industry, such as reducing or eliminating the use of preservatives, since they are a critical factor for sales in specific markets and the image of the product. Likewise, these solutions consider that the time factor is crucial to the productivity of the processes and considering the lowest possible cost per unit. In addition, microorganisms such as Aspergillus niger are prevalent in this industry, and robust sanitation systems are needed to control them.

Carbonated Drinks

Since it is one of the fastest-growing industries, R-Liquick has developed a series of sanitation business solutions focused on meeting the strictest standards in food safety. It controls molds and yeasts, which are the leading cause of microbiological deterioration of bottled products, causing damage such as the formation of foam, lumps, increased pH, and color changes. Our solutions for the soft drink industry range from the treatment of activated carbon and reverse osmosis filters, through the cleaning of preparation and filling equipment, to environmental control. R-Liquick has equipment and systems designed to optimize hygiene times; their focus is to increase production capacity considering bottlenecks in sanitation work. The benefits of these solutions are significant and have been achieved to reduce between 20 to 30% of traditional cleaning processes.

The different R – Liquick solutions are focused on meeting the following needs:

  • Ultrafiltration membrane washing process
  • Activated carbon filter washing processes
  • CIP washing and disinfection processes or water recirculation
  • POP washing and disinfection processes
  • Washing and disinfection processes by foaming or direct application
  • Ultrafiltration membrane washing and disinfection processes
  • Dry cleaning and disinfection processes
  • Operational cleaning processes
  • Basket and pallet washing and disinfection processes
  • Container and barrel washing and disinfection processes (KEG’s, Postmix)
  • Transport washing and disinfection processes
  • Processes for the control of the environment or aseptic areas
  • Processes for the lubrication of conveyor chains
  • Measures to prevent cross contamination and sanitary laundering
  • Passivation processes

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