R-Broil: Snacks and Fried Food Industry

Rosmar created R-Broil to meet the snack and fried foods industry’s particular hygiene and sanitation needs. Business solutions in sanitation are designed to improve productivity and remove heavy soiling while considering human-friendly elements. Capable of ensuring optimal sanitation for all equipment in the manufacturing plant.
In fryers, the handling of fats and the high temperatures to which the immense variety of snacks and fried foods are subject makes dirt very difficult to remove; that is where R-Broil becomes indispensable.

R-Broil has the correct amount of cleaning and sanitation power without being too aggressive on machinery and safe for humans.
From pellet processing or potato washing to packaging, R-Broil’s sanitation business solutions focus on improving the bacteriological quality of your equipment (seasoners, conveyor, etc.) and considerably decreasing the cleaning time of fryers. Our solution translates into higher revenues and yields for your company.


The handling of fats at high temperatures makes the dirt and grime polymerized and challenging to remove. Sometimes removal with a spatula, fibers, and stones si required.

To avoid the accumulation of scale that can jeopardize the shelf life of your oil, R-Broil helps remove saturated fats in less time. In doing so, your company can invest more time in production. In addition, our solution improves product safety and protects your equipment.


Nowadays, oil-free snacks and baked products are becoming more and more popular in the market. However, if ovens are not cleaned frequently, the productivity of the process can be affected; additionally, bad baking can put product safety at risk. Therefore, R-Broil has designed specific business solutions to remove the tough grime caused by high temperatures in ovens.

Our different R-Broil solutions will meet the following needs:

  • Fryer washing and sanitation processes
  • Oven washing and sanitation processes
  • CIP washing and sanitation processes
  • Washing and sanitation procedures for direct application or foaming
  • Dry cleaning and sanitation processes
  • Operational cleaning processes
  • Passivation processes
  • Washing and sanitation cycles for fruits, vegetables, and legumes
  • Pipes, hoppers, and transport washing and disinfection processes
  • Measures to prevent cross-contamination and sanitary laundry

Choose a comprehensive solution

Technical support

Expert consultants who will be able to provide technical advice and solve microbial contingencies.

Product Technology

Specialized and certified products. Designed to remove specific dirt.


State-of-the-art equipment for the application of our products and thus achieve productivity at the best cost.

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