R-Bake: Cereal and derivatives industry

In this industry, effective control, both of relative humidity and fungi and yeasts, is essential to avoid generating problems of microbiological contamination; for this reason, we have developed a solution focused on meeting the needs demanded by all cereal production lines. And its derivatives.

R-Bake considers the characteristics of each of the areas depending on the process flow, from milling and storage to the refinement and production of flour, cookies, pasta, cereals, bread, and tortillas, among others.

The R-Bake line has everything you need for your company to achieve the highest sanitation standards worldwide.

R-Bake is the ideal solution for an industry with particular sanitation needs.

  • Detergents for CIP or COP water recirculation
  • Detergents for foamer or hand-applied applications 
  • Detergents for bucket washers and molds
  • Sanitizers for direct contact surfaces
  • Sanitizers for direct contact with the product
  • Safe & Care: Control of cross-contamination
  • Wash Care: Sanitation-related laundry

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Technical support

Expert consultants who will be able to provide technical advice and solve microbial contingencies.

Product Technology

Specialized and certified products. Designed to remove specific dirt.


State-of-the-art equipment for the application of our products and thus achieve productivity at the best cost.

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Sectors we serve

Grinding and storage​

Flour mills​

Corn industrialization

Tortillas and nixtamalized flour

Production and refining

Cookies, pasta, cereals and bread.

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